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Corrugated Boxes

We offer a wide range of cartons and boxes in various sizes which can be further customized as per the specifications laid down by our clients.

While manufacturing these products, we focus on making sure of their natural & fine appearance, clarity of printed matter, better board calliper, flexible folding, high holding capacity​, and moisture resistance.

Single wall container or a 3-ply box is the most commonly used box. It comes in a wide variety of sizes- best suited for e-commerce, food and beverage industry among others.


Single Wall - 3 ply

Reusable tuck in boxes, self-locking boxes and any type of Customized box can be designed to meet specific customer requirement.


Die-cut Box

T shaped folder box is a 3 Ply flexi-packing solution suitable for E-commerce light weight shipments.



Double wall container or a 5-ply box meets all the heavy weight shipping requirements. These are sturdy and highly resistant boxes.


Double Wall - 5 ply

The most ideal packaging for beverage industry and bottling plants. We specialize in manufacturing 180 degrees flat wrap around cartons suitable for packing loose bottles, cans, etc on a fully automatic packing machine.


Wrap-Around Box

Die cut Corrugated Trays suitable for packing tetra packs, small and mid-sized cans. Works smoothly for automatic Bottling plants.


Corrugated Tray

Flexible box that does not utilize glue or undergo stitching. These easy to use boxes with innovative design are mostly useful for packing flat products with height.


Folding type Box

Die-Cut Boxes having multiple creases made horizontally so that they can be folded on the desired height. This feature helps reducing the SKUs as same box can be used for products having different dimensions.


Variable-depth Box

Regular slotted container is the basic corrugated box where all the flaps have the same length, and the two outer flaps are one-half the container's width so they can meet in the center.


Regular Slotted Carton

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